A word on the weather

The Tournament Committee would like to further clarify the subject of weather for our upcoming tournaments. The set of circumstances last year with a rapidly changing Lake forecast and markedly delayed updating of the weather buoy resulted in some difficult decisions. We greatly appreciate the tremendous participation despite the challenging conditions. We will be relying on the NOAA Nearshore Marine forecast for our upcoming tournaments and decisions will be made with smaller boats in mind. We moved the June tournaments a week later and hopefully that will help with the weather. It should be noted also with the early tournaments that fishing in the Bay or sheltered portions of the Lake should be possible even with breezy south wind conditions. We greatly appreciate your participation

Do you have to be a USCG captain to fish in this tournament?

Not at all. If you are the team captain, or otherwise the “leader” of your vessel, you’re the captain. 

Can I launch my boat in Ohio waters and fish only PA waters in this tournament?

Your vessel must depart from and return to shore within Pennsylvania waters during the event. Boats cannot be lauched outside of Pennsylvania waters during the event. 

Will there be observers for each boat during this event?

No, there will not be.