A Walleye Tournament for any boater

Two Events in 2024
June 22nd & August 10th


The Main Event

100% pay out (minus lie detector fee)

  • June Event 6 rods max
  • August Event 9 rod max
  • You’ll weigh 6 fish total
  • 3 foot wave height limit
  • Fish must be caught with rod reel and hook. In other words, if you want to take a canoe and jig or drift crawlers knock yourself out.
  • $200.00 entry fee
  • There will be extras, like biggest fish.
  • Captains meeting: 5pm on Friday June 18th at Poor Richard’s Bait and Tackle.
  • Guaranteed lie detector test for 1st place.
  • Optional big fish pot $20 per boat, winner takes all.

Click here for complete tournament information. 

Additional Information:
With the interest and the exposure of being filmed nationally this could be potentially huge. Under a protest the winners will be subjected to a lie detector test.

Special Event:
Big fish Friday (June 21st & August 9th). $50 dollar entry fee.
100% payout to the top three places 50%/30%/20%.
Click here for additional information about Big Fish Friday

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Meet Our Board

Ben Hynes - District Manager North East

Ben Hynes - District Manager North East

Sportsman's Warehouse

2075 Interchange Road
Erie, PA 16509

Brittany Campanella - Owner

Brittany Campanella - Owner

Poor Richards Bait and Tackle

6821 W Lake Road
Fairview, Pennsylvania 16415


Kirk Rudzinski - Owner

Kirk Rudzinski - Owner

East End Angler

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Erie, Pennsylvania 16511