• $50.00 per boat (payment deadline 6AM 6/21- CASH only after 6/15)
  • This is a separate event from the main tournament.
  • This is a Walleye Boat Event, FISH may be caught by trolling, drifting or casting from a boat. ALL PFBC REGULATIONS APPLY.
  • No boat size limit. Lake Erie PA waters only. PA launch only.
  • 3 rods per angler for Big Fish Friday
  • NO LINES IN THE WATER TILL 6AM. Planer boards can be deployed prior to 6AM EST. Monitor VHF Channel 88 for weather updates. Updates at 5AM and 5:30AM if needed. CELL CONTACT 814-881-1790 for questions.
  • No stop time. Coolers must be in WEIGH-IN line at the weigh station by 4pm GPS TIME or team is disqualified.
  • Weigth In Locations
    June – Poor Richards’s Bait Shop
    August – Sportsmans Warehouse 

  • Weigh ONE walleye only- coolers must be free of water and loose ice.
  • All fish weighed will have gill clipping and metal detection. Bellies may be slit at the discretion
  • Of the Tournament Committee. No fish caught Friday can be used for the Main Event.
  • Scoring is by WEIGHT of the fish. Tie breaker will be fish length.
  • All decisions of the Tournament Director are final.
  • 100% payout for top 3 spots. (50%/30%/20%)
  • A weather committee will decide on cancellation/delay. Big fish Friday will be cancelled if a Small Craft Advisory is in effect at 6am that day. If cancelled, Captains may pre-fish for the main tournament at their own discretion. (In case of cancellation, Big Fish Friday will occur on Main Tournament Day as a separate event for those registered) If this occurs, team’s Big Fish may also be used as one the 6 fish to be weighed and for the optional Big Walleye Calcutta)